Abdallah El Ali

HCI Researcher /
User Experience Designer

Researching and designing our (future) interactions with technology

Hey! I'm Abdallah , and I'm a hybrid Human Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher and User Experience (UX) designer, based in Oldenburg, Germany.

As a researcher, my world revolves around innovative multimodal interaction methods, studying context-aware systems that leverage large amounts of data for some human purpose, and how to ensure the best usability and user experience for these early systems and techniques, in situ and over longer periods. My toolkit consists of question and hypothesis formation, prototyping, qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis, with the goal of disseminating results in research publications.

As a UX designer, I become manicly preoccupied with simplifying complex user interfaces, and designing usable novelty and delight in them.

I coordinate directly with clients to ensure their services / products are simple, joyful, and shine with ease of use. And result in a significant difference in the relevant conversion metrics. My toolkit consists of running UX strategy workshops (personas, CEMs), conducting formative and summative user research, rapid prototyping, visual design (if need be), copywriting, and basic (front-end) development.

While my background has led me on both research and design paths, my true passion is to research, design, and innovate on how humans interact with technology. Check out some of my work below, or see an overview of all past projects.

Case Studies