Abdallah El Ali

I am a Postdoctoral researcher in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) at the Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems group at the University of Oldenburg / OFFIS (Germany). My research methods and topics have been diverse, ranging from social media data mining to support urban exploration, developing sensor-based tracking technologies for behavior change, investigating core usability issues in 3D gesture based interaction across domains, to more qualitative research to better understand mobile users.

Recently, I have awoken to the fact that the future of human machine interaction can immensely benefit from Artifical Intelligence (AI) techniques. Given this, I have now made it my long-term mission to delve deep into data science methods to enable more advanced Human Computer Interaction and Social Computing research, from GUI layout optimization to mining large-scale social media traces for insight.

Before that, apart from a year away from research working as a UX Designer, I recieved my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), working at the Information and Language Processing Systems (ILPS) group part of the Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam. [read more]